Are we on the brink of war?

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister with Donald Trump. Credit: Amos Ben Gershom

On 14th February a terrorist attack in Indian-administered Kashmir caused a crisis between historic enemies India and Pakistan which is now in danger of spiralling out of control. Israel has been bombing Iranian military positions in Iran for years in a confrontation which seems to be growing. Earlier this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping openly… Continue Reading ➤

Theresa May is now a danger to democracy

Source: Flickr, Open Parliament Licence v3.0.

In an international climate of growing authoritarianism, Theresa May’s statement on Wednesday could hardly have been more incendiary. Her attacks on parliamentary debate are dangerous not only for MPs who receive regular death threats, but also for democracy at home and abroad. “MPs have been unable to agree on a way to implement the UK’s… Continue Reading ➤