The Hunter-Uploader Society: Lights, Camera, Obsession

facebook uploader

“Quick! Take a picture!” “Get a snap!” “Film this!” “Hurry and record!” “You’ve gotta put that on Facebook!” Sound familiar? Well it should, because these are the stock phrases of the photo-mad digital world in which we live. Recording events on iPads before we think to breathe them in, snapping pictures with people we barely know… Continue Reading ➤

Westminster’s Empathy Deficit: Shifting down the political spectrum

Source:; September 18, 2013

I’ve got it. I know where we’re going wrong. I’ve solved politics. Hold your revolution, Russell Brand; it all hinges on one crucial point – the difference between “sympathy” and “empathy”. The solution is beautifully simple: changing those two little letters could turn political disillusionment on its head. SYMPATHY Noun: Feelings of pity and sorrow for… Continue Reading ➤