A selfie is not enough, Mr. Bergoglio

[source: Wikimedia]

To say it clear: the Catholic Church does not support gay marriage. The Catholic Church is disgusted by homosexual acts. The Church thinks homosexuals have a sinful, disordered nature, and that they can be tolerated only as long as they don’t have sex, of any kind, ever. The Catholic Church wants homosexuals to live a… Continue Reading ➤

Dangerous, Dirty and Demanding: China’s Migrant Workers Under the Hukou System

A Chinese migrant worker in her dormitory [source: World Bank Photo Collection]

China’s portentous and sustained economic growth has impressed commentators all over the world, and is widely considered to be a history of success. Lured by double-digit GDP growth, enthusiasts and apologists failed for decades to see the human cost of China’s economic miracle, a cost brought mostly by the millions of rural migrant workers who… Continue Reading ➤