About CG

Pioneering student journalism.

The Cambridge Globalist harnesses the understanding and creativity of Cambridge students to produce rigorous, thought-provoking perspectives on a range of topics, from international affairs to the arts. We aim to combine the extraordinary people and academic resources gathered in Cambridge with a quality-over-frequency model of student journalism, to produce pieces which question the conventional wisdom and hold their own in wider public discussion. The magazine focuses on and invests in professional development and outstanding editorial staff to make that happen.

Our website is constantly updated with new pieces and we publish a termly print magazine, distributed to Cambridge’s faculties, libraries and coffee shops. Our radio show, The Globalist Out Loud, has a weekly slot on CAM FM. You can listen back whenever you like on the Podcasts page.

The Cambridge Globalist showcases a diversity of original and engaging voices, rather than maintaining a fixed editorial stance. Regular “party line” and dissenting editorials reflect the outcome of lively debate among the writing staff.

As part of the Global21 network of student magazines, the Cambridge Globalist publishes pieces from, and reaches an audience on, six continents. Visit www.global21online.org to find out more.


We test everything we do against our three core aims:

  1. To produce rigorous, high quality journalism written in an engaging style
  2. To inform and influence intelligent debate about politics, economics, culture and science and technology
  3. To create a fantastic social and professional development experience for all involved in CG.


CG is proud to be supported by Crossbridge, a highly experienced firm of consultants which prizes expertise, delivery and value. Their emphasis on extensive knowledge, trust, and high-quality results reflects their commitment to ventures such as the Cambridge Globalist. We look forward to working exclusively with them for the future.

The pieces published on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of Crossbridge or any of its employees. The Cambridge Globalist retains full license over the content of its articles.


The Cambridge Globalist would like to thank the Lansdowne Charitable Trust for generously funding the creation of this website.

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