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The Globalist has relaunched its podcast, The Globalist Out Loud. If you would like to discuss your work on the podcast, then get in touch with one of the editors.

Podcasts of the radio show, as well as of our masterclasses and other events, are posted here for you to listen back whenever you like.

100 Years of War Reporting: 3rd Edition Print Launch

A recording of the talks given at the Cambridge Globalist‘s Michaelmas edition print launch.

Dr. Daniel Larsen is a research fellow at Trinity who specialises in WWI diplomacy. Dr. Larsen introduces the discussion with a brief insight into the reporters and reporting of WWI.

Lisette Johnston is a senior broadcast journalist at BBC world news, and is currently researching for a PhD thesis on the role of citizen reporting in Syria. Lisette talks about the ways in which the use of social media as a news source is changing the media industry, including its effect on the work of her colleagues at the BBC.

John Fisher-Burns is the London bureau chief for The New York Times. In 1997 he won his second Pulitzer prize for his courageous and insightful coverage of the Afghanistan regime. John talks about his experiences as a reporter both in Afghanistan, and in Baghdad during the lead up to the Iraq war in 2003.

To close the discussion, poet Dan O’Brien reads from his new collection War Reporter. The book is the result of a collaboration with Pulitzer prize winning journalist Paul Watson, and was awarded the Fenton Aldeburgh prize for best first collection.