What does ‘success’ mean in UK economic policy? A report on the panel discussion organised by the Bennett Institute for Public Policy.


The Bennett Institute for Public Policy launched in 2018, as a research body attached to the University of Cambridge. The institute seeks to combine current research in technology, natural sciences and engineering with politics and social research in order to engage in global public policy debates. Chair: Professor Diane Coyle Panellists: Dr Patrick Diamond (Senior… Continue Reading ➤

Why big business is better

The Business Secretary Vince Cable speaking at the Lib Dem party conference in 2011

Received wisdom tells us that small business is important. Political parties representing all shades of opinion clamber to show that they are the ones who have the interests of small businesses at heart, even if they have more mixed opinions of large corporations. The Conservatives describe small business as the “lifeblood of our economy”; Labour promise… Continue Reading ➤